Corporate Intelligence Consultants

Corporate Intelligence Consultants (CIC): is the Single-Source Solution for all your  Business & Employment Needs:  Pre-Employment Screening Security Consulting Security Assessments Workplace Violence Training Surveillance Corporate Investigations Electronic Eavesdropping Detection FMLA/Workers’ Compensation Fraud Strike Management and Documentation. 
As your partner in business, CIC brings a combination of experience, expertise, and performance that is hard to beat. The distinguishing difference between a good private investigative firm and an excellent one lies in the quality of its people and the  effectiveness of its product. Our employees bring a wealth of  valuable experience to work every day, including expertise gained in state and federal law enforcement agencies, giving us the distinct advantage of a highly trained, professional workforce with vast capabilities.

Screening Services Pre-Employment Screening Services: Low cost and quick turnaround boosts your productivity and your bottom line. Online Ordering, Results and Billing Add-on Applicant Tracking System Yearly and Random Rechecks for MVRs  and Sanctions Hands-on Training No Set-up Fees, No Minimum Order Compliant with FCRA Requirements.
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Services: Drug and Alcohol abuse costs U.S.  employers billions of dollars each year. Substance Abuse Screening Management Covert Surveillance Undercover Investigations Competitive Pricing National and International Capabilities Random Selections Urine, Hair, and Saliva Testing Available.

Investigative Services: CIC provides research, expertise, and thorough documentation to help you make informed management decisions. Detailed Investigative Plans  Itemized Cost Estimates Frequent Information Updates Law Enforcement/Prosecution Liaison.

Workers’ Compensation/ FMLA Fraud: Top-notch professional services for suspected fraud case management. Anywhere, anytime! Claims Analysis Proactive Planning  Quality Video and Still Photographic Documentation Direct Link to State Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigators.

Security Management: Maximize workplace safety and security. Development of Workplace Violence Programs Crisis Management and Planning Active Shooter Training Development and Management of Corporate Security  (Services available 24/7)

Strike Management and Documentation: Pre-strike Planning is the key to strike survival. Site Analysis Contract Guard Management Quality Video and Still Photographic Documentation.

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection: CIC is your fortress against invasions of privacy, corporate espionage, and information theft. Detection of Bugs and Taps Sophisticated Electronic Equipment Today’s Most Current Techniques Team Members Trained by Top Industry Experts.

Our mission is “to provide our clients with  accurate information necessary for making more informed decisions.” We strive to provide that  information in a timely, well researched, and  professional manner.  The threat is real...the downside is huge!